Member Testimonials:

  • "There is no other organization out there working as hard as The Cavalry Group to protect my animals and my business against the agressive agenda of the animal rights groups.  The membership fee is an affordable contrubution to the fight against a radical agenda working to destroy my way of life working to raise animals. I can't say enough great things about this group!" ~ Kim A.
  • In today's times, anyone raising, owning, breeding, exhibiting, breeding, or selling any animals needs The Cavalry Group on your side. With the increase in harassment from the animal rights groups that will stop at nothing to push their agenda, you need The Cavalry Group team to help you with the fight against them to protect your animals and business.  The Cavalry Group is out there working to protect everyone's rights.  Become a member today." ~  Gregg & Karen
  • “In today's environment where it is increasingly evident that simply breeding and owning animals might put people at risk of being targeted or unfairly prosecuted by animal rights activists or people unfamiliar with typical livestock husbandry, having a Cavalry Group membership really helps my peace of mind.” ~ Angela
  • “Anyone who owns or raises animals needs to join The Cavalry Group. They are there for me 24/7 to protect my animals and business.” ~ Steve
  • “Anyone who doesn't have the protection of The Cavalry Group needs to join.  I rest assured that if I need them, they will be there... just a phone call away.   I am honored to be a member.” ~ Cheri
  • “I highly recommend this group of extraordinary people who have come together to create The Cavalry Group!  It’s like AAA for animal owners!” ~ Vicky
  • “If you work with animals you owe it to yourself and your animals to become a member of The Cavalry Group. They understand what is at risk and they work everyday to protect and defend our rights to own animals.” ~ Thomas
  • “Too many animal owners say, “It’ll never happen to me.” But, when it comes to illegal seizure of one’s animals, be prepared for the unthinkable and join The Cavalry Group. If you need them, you’ll be glad you’re a member.” ~ Sylvia


The Cavalry Group • P.O. Box 8 • Guthrie • OK • 73044  •  Ph: 855-748-4210

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