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While the Animal Rights ideology promotes veganism, the reality is that total veganism is impossible. When livestock are processed for food, every part of the animal is harvested for use, so nothing goes to waste. As you can see in the diagram below, animal parts are used in products we use in every day life! Aren't we blessed to live in this era of comfort and convenience, thanks to animals! 

The FBI labeled animal rights activists and environmental extremists as the "number one domestic terrorism threat" in America.  

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Animal rights organizations have set goals for ending the use of animals for decades. The following is our modified version of an article "Politics of Animal Liberation" by Kim Bartlett published in 1987. It is very disheartening to see how the animal rights agenda, through their terrorism and coercion tactics, have been incrementally destoying animal ownership, animal enterprise, and our American way of life! 


The Animal Rights Agenda:

1. Animal rightists are firmly committed to the eventual abolition by law of animal research, and call for an immediate prohibition of painful experiments and tests. The billions of dollars disbursed annually by the National Institutes of Health for animal experiments should be rechanneled into direct health care, preventive medicine, and biomedical research using non-animal tests and procedures. In addition, the government should fund projects to develop and promote non-animal technologies where they do not yet exist so that animal experiments may be rapidly phased out. Animal rightists want procedural mechanisms must be established to allow for greater public scrutiny of all research using animals.

2. The animal rights agenda calls for use of animals in cosmetics and household product testing, tobacco and alcohol testing, psychological testing, classroom demonstrations and dissection, and in weapons development or other warfare programs must be outlawed immediately.

3. The animal rights ideology encourages vegetarianism for ethical, ecological, and health reasons. They believe and promote that the conversion of plant protein to animal protein for human consumption is an energetically inefficient means of food production, a vegetarian diet allows for wiser use of the world's limited food resources. Animal rights groups believe that livestock production is a major source of environmental degradation, and they advocate (without scientific proof) a shift in human diet from animal foods to plant food would result in a lower incidence of heart diseases and cancer and better health generally. Vegetarian meals should be made available to all public institutions including primary and secondary schools. Nutritional education programs currently administered by the Department of Agriculture should be handled by an agency charged with promoting public health rather than promoting the interest of agribusiness. (USDA was infiltrated by the animal rights ideology during the Obama administration.)

4. The animal rights ideology believes steps should be taken to begin phasing out intensive confinement systems of livestock production, also called factory farming, which causes severe physical and psychological suffering for the animals kept in overcrowded and unnatural conditions. Animal rightists believe animal agriculture depletes and pollutes water and soil resources, and destroys forests and other ecosystems, (the ruse of Climate Change) we call for the eventual elimination of animal agriculture. In the meantime, the exportation of live farm animals for overseas slaughter must be regulated to ensure humane treatment. Livestock grazing on US public lands should be immediately prohibited. Internationally, the US should assist poorer countries in the development of locally-based, self-reliant agricultural systems.

5. Animal Rightists and Environmental Extremisist believe the use of herbicides, pesticides, and other toxic agricultural chemicals should be phased out. Predator control on public lands should be immediately outlawed and steps should be taken to introduce native predators to areas from which they have been eradicated in order to restore the balance of nature.

6. The animal rights groups, mainly the Humane Society of the United States, introduces animal welfare legislation at the local, state, and federal levels to advance their radical agenda for the purpose of "protecting" animals and the environment.

7. Animal rights groups oppose commercial trapping and fur ranching and believe it should be eliminated. Animal rightists call for an end to the use of furs while recognizing Western society's responsibility to support alternative livelihood for native peoples who now rely on trapping because of the colonial European and North American fur industries.

8. The animal rights agenda wants the abolition of all hunting, trapping, and fishing for sport should be prohibited. The animal rights groups have been working to implement their agenda within state and federal agencies which they coerce to implement their agenda to have, where possible, native species, including predators, reintroduced to areas from which they have been eradicated, and protection of native animals and plants in their natural surroundings must be given priority over economic development plans. And, implementing further, drainage of wetlands and a cease to the development of shore areas. The animal rights ideology overlaps into the environmental extremists views which are in line with the UN Agenda 21 or Agenda 2030. 

9. The animal rights ideology strongly discourages any breeding of companion animals, including pedigreed or purebred dogs and cats. They believe spay and neuter clinics should be subsidized by state and municipal governments, and that commerce in domestic and exotic animals for the pet trade should be abolished. They are doing this via legislative efforts at the local state and federal levels, including rule make procedural changes which have been petitioned to USDA by the Humane Society of the U.S. 

10. The animal rights ideology calls for an end to the use of animals in entertainment and sports such as dog racing, dog and cock fighting, fox hunting, hare coursing, rodeos, circuses, zoos and aquariums. They believe falsely, that animals should be left in the wild, and never used for entertainment purposes. The reality is, however, that there is no "wild" left due to habitat loss and poaching. Many exotic animals are on the verge of extinction, and it is wasn't for private ownership of animals, including circuses and other entertainment venues, these animals WILL GO EXTINCT.

11. The animal rights ideology wants to abolish biomedical research. We are so blessed to live in an age where medical advances have made human life more comfortable. It is because of these advances in biotechnology and the use of animals in medical research that Americans are leading longer, healthier lives! Animal research has contributed to many of the medical advances we now take for granted. Americans have benefited from vaccines and antibiotics to prevent and treat infections, and anaesthetics used in all forms of surgery, medicines to overcome serious conditions such as diabetes, asthma, and high blood pressure -- all have come about from animal research!


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