Please write to NATIONAL CITY'S City Council to Urge them to OPPOSE

their ordinance to AMEND the California Pet Sale Ban law.

At a time in our country when government should be supporting small business, National City's City Council Members are preparing to vote on an animal rights-driven ordinance to further over-regulate law abiding pet stores by amending the state-wide pet sale ban law (AB485) to prohibit the pet stores from obtaining financial compensation for selling a dogs, cats, or rabbits that are allowed under state law. 

This ordinance will be voted on today, August 20, 2019. 

National City's City Council quotes the radical animal rights group, C.A.P.S. to promote this misguided ordinance which vilifies pet stores making a profit of any kind from the sale of animals. Click here

To learn more about the TRUTH ABOUT PET SALE BANS click here

Please take one minute of your time to OPPOSE National City's City Council to urge them to OPPOSE this dangerous, misguided, and job-killing ordinance.

Call National City Mayor and City Council Members: (619) 336-4235


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