PLEASE SEND YOUR EMAILS AND CALLS to the full Cincinnati City Council to OPPOSE the pending ordinance which would prohibit the display or possession of wild or "potentially dangerous" animals.

This is scheduled to be heard at the full Cincinnati City Council Meeting on Wednesday, May 29, 2019 at 1:00 PM. 

1-201900868 ORDINANCE, submitted by Councilmember Seelbach from Paula Boggs Muething, City Solicitor on 5/14/2019, MODIFYING the provisions of Title VII, "General Regulations," of the Cincinnati Municipal Code by AMENDING Section 701-42, "Possession or Sale of Wild or Potentially Dangerous Animals; Prohibitions," of Chapter 701, "Animals, Birds, Fowl"; and AMENDING Section 825-3, "Conditions for License," of Chapter 825, "Circuses," of Title VIII, "Business Regulations," for the purpose of prohibiting the display or possession of wild or potentially dangerous animals by circuses. 

Ignorance abounds with the introduction of this ordinance.  Read what the author of the ordinance and City Council Member, Chris Seelbach wrote in his introduction of this his ordinance. Click here

Please make a phone call and send an email to the Cincinnati City Council Members listed below using some of the following talking points: 

  • Eliminating access to exotic animals provided by exhibitors would take away affordable options for less fortunate and under privileged residents in Cincinnati reducing education opportunities to learn about, and interact with, some of the world's most iconic animals.  Something to consider given the fact that this is the Equity, Inclusion, Youth and The Arts Committee. 
  • Exotic animal owners and exhibitors are providing an important link in protecting the survival of these specifies who are under attack or in some cases already extinct in their native environments.
  • It has become commonplace to believe that humane treatment is not taken into consideration by the caretakers of performing animals and exhibits, but that could not be further from the truth.  Performing animals are well respected and are provided with a life full of excellent veterinary care, environmental stimulation, and top notch husbandry practices all of which are already currently heavily regulated by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) under the Animal Welfare Act (AWA).
  • Today, we are facing the threat of extinction for all elephants, African and Asian. Without exposure to elephants in traveling shows, the public we may not understand the importance of conservation efforts underway to preserve the species.
  • Performing animal exhibitions facilitate the ultimate exotic animal exposure and experience for all income level families, and if it were to disappear, it would take away the only human-animal contact, or exposure, to these amazing animals.

Cincinnati City Council

Mayor John Cranley: PH: 513-352-3268  Email: mayor.cranley@cincinnati-oh.gov

Christopher Smitherman (Vice Mayor): PH: 513-352-3464  Email: christopher.smitherman@cincinnati-oh.gov

Tamaya Dennard, Committee Chair PH: 513-352-5205 Email: tamaya.dennard@cincinnati-oh.gov

Greg Landsman, Vice-Chair: PH: 513-352-5232 Email: greg.landsman@cincinnati-oh.gov

David Mann, Council Member: PH: 513-352-4611 Email: david.mann@cincinnati-oh.gov

P.G. Sittenfeld, Council Member: PH: 513-352-5280 Email: pg.sittenfeld@cincinnati-oh.gov

Amy Murray: PH: 513-352-4611, 513-352-4610 Email: amy.murray@cincinnati-oh.gov

Jeff Pastor: PH:  513-352-5243  Email: jeff.pastor@cincinnati-oh.gov

Chris Seelbach: PH: 513-352-5210, 513-352-5211 Email: chris.seelbach@cincinnati-oh.gov

Wendell Young: PH: 513-352-3466  Email: wendell.young@cincinnati-oh.gov

This ordinance that bans the possession and display of wild animals destroys legal jobs and harms the future of these animals that the ignorant City Council Members claim they are looking to protect! 

For the ignorant who believe that these animals only belong "in the wild," please inform them of the truth behind what the wild means for animals today and the importance of true conservation and how private ownership SAVES species!  

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