Animal Ownership Under Attack in New Jersey
Take Action! Stop New Jersey S. 2820

Rep. Brian Stack, the primary sponsor of NJ S.2820, if passed will direct the Department of Health to adopt dog breeding standards; prohibits dog breeding without a USDA license and compliance with new DOH standards.   This bill was introduced in the New Jersey Senate Environment and Energy Committee on 7/1/18.  To read click HERE.

Below is The Cavalry Group's assessment and talking points about NJ S2820 followed by email addresses and Twitter campaign in opposition to this bill. 

If passed, New Jersey S2820 would require:

  • Anyone who breeds a dog (male or female) to be licensed by the USDA under the Animal Welfare Act.
    • This will include all citizens of New Jersey even if you only have one dog (male or female) and you breed it to another dog.
  • Anyone who breeds a dog (male or female) to comply with rules to be developed by the NJ Department of Health
    • These rules are unknown at this point.
Problems with NJ S2820:
  • Households are unable to comply with regulations to be licensed by the USDA and would require a complete and separate kennel where the dog(s) would have to be kept. 
  • They would not be able to be household pets.  USDA only regulates the sale and housing of animals not the breeding of animals.
  • USDA license is not required by individuals who have fewer than 4 breeding females.
  • USDA license is not required by individuals who sell animals on a face-to-face sale.
  • USDA license is not required by individuals who sell only within their state boundaries.
  • USDA license is only required and pertains to the housing of the breeding animals not the actual breeding of the animals. Refer to this link in the USDA/APHIS Animal Welfare Act guidelines. Click here
  • N.J.A.C. Chapter 8:23A; Animal Facility Operation; Animal Control Officer and Animal Cruelty Investigator Certification; and Rabies Inoculation.
    • These rules and regulations govern the housing and care of animal facilities.
    • They require the inspection and licensing of facilities for dogs that are used for breeding purposes.
    • These regulations cover all facilities both indoor and outdoor and exercise requirements for dogs.
  • NJ S2820 can easily be amended once passed to include any domestric species of animal which could include livestock!
  • NJ S2820 allows for:
 "Confiscation of private property (the dog and offspring) plus, the leveeing of fines “of up to $1,000 for the first offense, and up to $2,000 for each subsequent offense…”. 


If S2820 was truly concerning the housing of breeding animals, it is redundant as there are already laws with rules and regulations enforced within the state of New Jersey addressing these issues.  Furthermore, citizens of New Jersey who breed and sell animals either sight unseen or across state lines are already required to be USDA licensed.

It is our conclusion that the purpose of New Jersey S2820 is driven by the animal rights ideology and meant to:

  • Limit and control the number of times bred a dog (male/female) could be bred. This concern should be addressed by the owner and their veterinarian when required.
  • Determine the health tests required for each and every breed of dog owned in New Jersey.
    • Parent breed clubs in the USA have identified and continue to identify health tests required by each breed. These change as scientific discoveries are made for each breed and the species in general. For an individual state to determine these is not cost effective.
      • Determine the age of breeding although an adult dog is defined in the NJAC CH 8:23A as: “"Adult dog or cat" means a dog or cat over the age of seven months or which possesses a set of permanent teeth.”

Thus, NJ S2820 would determine the use of private property and confiscate it when the owner of the private property did not comply with the law and rules and regulations.

We urge everyone to contact the New Jersey Senate Environment and Energy Committee and voice your opposition to NJ S2820.


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