Anyone who breeds animals understands the ever-looming threat by animal rights extremists who are continually urging local, state, and federal government to put private business information of breeders and exhibitors in public view for their scrutiny, putting themselves at potential risk of serious harm from animal rights terrorists. 

With the prompting via email from just one woman activist in southern California, Dr. Gene Mueller, Manager, Regional Animal Services of King County, Washington is now working to promulgate a rule against our member, called the Pet Shop Disclosure to Consumers (read here), and we need your help to oppose it. (READ their email correspondence here

Pet stores in King County, Washington are under attack by animal rights extremists and an overzealous animal control officer/DVM Gene Mueller who has a long history of animal rights activism through his service on the board of the Chicago-based Anti-Cruelty Society and as former president of the Illinois SPCA. 

With the mediation of an entity called EnviroIssues, the Regional Animal Services in King County is holding a HEARING on May 25, 2018 to promulgate a rule that would require pet stores in King County, to post the name, address, and USDA license number of breeders from whom they purchase puppies to sell in their store. 

This information is already made available to the purchasers of a puppies from Fairwood Pet Center, the only pet store in King County that sells puppies. Breeder information is also made available to King County officials, however, posting this information in the store for public scrutiny puts the breeders at great risk. The real benefactors of this private information are the animal rights extremists who intend to use this private information to bring harm to the breeders. 

This action is an invasion of privacy of a law abiding, regulated, and successful businesses with the intent to cut off the pet stores sources of puppies and other animals!

Listen to radio interview from Tuesday, May 15, 2018 with Mindy Patterson, President of The Cavalry Group on CSC Talk Radio with Beth Schoeneberg along with Angel and Dennis Ford owner of Fairwood Pet Center in King County, Washington.  

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Under this proposed Rule

"Pet shop" means any person, establishment, store or department of any store that acquires live animals, including birds, reptiles, fowl and fish, and sells or rents, or offers to sell or rent, the live animals to the public or to retail outlets. 

Follow These Steps to TAKE ACTION: 

1.Read the proposed RULE: 

We have attached copies of the proposed rule as posted in the Seattle Times by Gene Mueller (click here) and the correspondence between the animal rightist, Petia Eaton, who started this action with King County for your reference (click here). 

2.Write your comment to OPPOSE the RULE: 

Also attached are sample comments and talking points for your use to modify for your submission. (click here)

3.Send your Comments to:

We apologize for the late notice, but we need immediate comments on this proposed rule to be sent by Friday, May 25, 2018. 

Make sure you send your comments to all of the following

The way we see it is that if you raise, breed, or exhibit animals, "transparency" under these circumstances means invasion of privacy!

Take action! An attack on one is an attack on all!


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