Please write to Gig Harbor City Council to Urge them to OPPOSE their pending Pet Sale Ban

At a time in our country when government should be supporting small business, Gig Harbor City Council Members are preparing to vote on an animal rights-driven ordinance prohibit the retail sales of puppies, kittens, and rabbits except from "Animal rescue league," "Animal shelter"  This ordinace will be voted on today, May 13, 2019. 

It is clear that Gig Harbor City Council is giving more of a voice to the animal rights groups pushing their agenda, voting to prepare on "cookie-cutter" animal rights driven ordinance which will prohibit retail sales of puppies, kittens, and rabbits except shelters and rescues.

At a time when the U.S. is encouraging small business and discouraging overregulation, Gig Harbor City Council is proposing an ordinance which fails to protect legal, in compliant businesses against an animal rights driven agenda and wrongful attack on retail pet stores simply because their business does not fall in line with the ideology of the radical animal rights groups. 

·      Pet stores are accountable, traceable sources for pets and are legitimate, legal businesses which are self-sustained. 

·      Gig Harbor City Council's proposed ordinance is a mandate that stores sell animals sourced from unregulated rescues and shelters which incurs a serious threat to public safety and health of both people and other animals.

·      These mandates to ban the sale of puppies and kittens from licensed, regulated breeders do ZERO to stop animal abuse or unlicensed breeders already in violation of the law!

·      If passed, this Gig Harbor City Council ordinance would be a mandate on pet stores to sell dog and cats from UNREGULATED sources, making this a rescue mandate on pet stores; eliminating consumer choice while imposing a safety risk to consumers, families, and other family pets.

·      If passed, this Gig Harbor City Council ordinance hands the regulatory over to animal control agencies, making animal rights organizations the enforcement arm of this potential law. 

·      Shelters and rescues are not equipped to provide accurate behavior and safety assessments on animals, and are often misguided, refusing to acknowledge inherent dangers or background of dogs just to get them adopted out.

·      If passed, this Gig Harbor City Council ordinance imposes a health and safety risk to residents in the area since shelters and rescues are exempt from the laws that are required of professional breeders.

·      It is well documented by the Center for Disease Control that many of the dogs in shelters and rescues are imported from foreign countries such as China, Korea, Mexico, Turkey, bringing with them disease, little or no health safeguards, and no behavioral background information.

·      To learn more about the TRUTH ABOUT PET SALE BANS click here

Please take one minute of your time to OPPOSE Gig Harbor City Council Pet Sale Ban and email Gig Harbor City Council Members to urge them  to OPPOSE this dangerous, misguided, and job-killing ordinance.

Cut and paste the following email addresses to send your email to the Gig Harbor Mayor and City Council Members OPPOSING the ordinance.,,,,,,,

Names of the Gig Harbor Mayor and Council Members: 

Gig Harbor, Washington

City Council


The Cavalry Group • P.O. Box 147 • Grover • MO  63040 •  Ph: 855-748-4210

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