Chicago Carriages Under Attack... Again! 

Please Take Action!

Just one year ago, we all took action and successfully stopped Chicago City Council's ordinance to ban horse-drawn carriage licenses. Chairwoman Emma Mitts stood strong in support for the carriage owners after listening to the facts, the science, and the truth (in a four and half hour hearing) despite certain Aldermen who pressured and ridiculed the Chairwoman. 

The main fact to remember is that this ordinance to ban horse-drawn carriages is an agenda which is driven purely by the animal rights fanatics, all of whom have nothing but emotion and their opinion to back their claims against these legal, licensed, business operators. 

Don't you agree that Chicago has bigger issues to tackle than to ban these legal businesses? Businesses which bring elegance and romance to a city which needs a serious boost in that department, among others!

Please join us along with the Chicago carriage owners, Horse Council of Illinois, Illinois Farm Bureau, veterinarians, and other horse industry experts and OPPOSE this ordinance to ban horse-drawn carriages in Chicago.  

Read the ordinance which resides in the Committee on License and Consumer Protection and amends Municipal Code by repealing various sections within Titles 7 and 9 and modifying various sections in Titles 2, 3, 4, and 7 concerning regulation and operation of horse-drawn carriages. Click here

Chairwoman Emma Mitts is the Chair of the Committee on License and Consumer Protection, however, we suspect she is, once again, out-numbered in her support for the carriages. She's pictured here visiting a Chicago carriage stable shortly after last year's hearing. 

Please include a mention of support and appreciation to Chairwoman Emma Mitts in your opposition letter to Mayor Lightfoot and Members of the Committee. 


Mindy Patterson, President,    The Cavalry Group


Send Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Members of the Chicago Committee on License and Consumer Protection an email to OPPOSE a ban on horse drawn carriages in Chicago!

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Listen to Trent Loos interview Chicago Carriage Owner. 

Click image to listen: 

Down load PDF to Share Animal Rights Lies about Horse Carriage Lies Debunked!

Download PDF of Animal Rights vs. Animal Welfare - Know the Difference! 


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