CA ACR 106

To recognize the humane treatment of companion animals through the eradication of neglect and cruelty and the fostering of kindness and empathy as core principles of the state.

CA AB 2774

Animal Abuse Registry: would require the state Department of Justice to create an Internet Web site with a list of individuals convicted of animal abuse.

MI HB 5778

Large carnivore act; amend to allow for breeding of large carnivores in certain situations

MI HB 6050

Large carnivore act; allow for breeding of black bears under certain conditions

NJ A 376

Establishes Animal Cruelty Offender Registry; prohibits purchase, adoption, and breeding of animals by animal cruelty offenders.

NJ A 511

Requires accountability of NJSPCA and county societies for prevention of cruelty to animals to Attorney General and county prosecutors.

NJ A 1923

"Nosey's Law"; prohibits use of elephants and other wild/exotic animals in traveling animal acts.

1/9/18: Introduced, Referred to Assembly Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee 5/17/18: Reported out of Assembly Committee with Amendments, 2nd Reading.

Pending vote in full Assembly.

NJ A 3388

Prohibits persons convicted of criminal animal cruelty offenses from owning domestic companion animals and from working or volunteering at animal-related enterprises.

NJ A 3751

Clarifies that piercing or tattooing animals constitutes needless mutilation/animal cruelty.

NJ S 180

Prohibits certain pet dealers from selling dogs or cats obtained from certain breeders or brokers.

NJ SB 1093

"Nosey's Law"; prohibits use of wild or exotic animals in traveling animal acts. (Also AB 1923)

1/25/2018: Introduced and referred to Senate Economic Growth Committee 5/31/18: Reported from Cmte with Amendments 6/25/18: passed full Senate and sent to the Assembly; bill received without reference and had second reading

OH HB 506

Revise law governing high volume dog breeders. News coverage about compromise bill sent to Governor (to avoid an HSUS-sponsored ballot initiative this November): Ohio puppy mill restrictions could set new national standard (June 26)

2/20/18: referred to Government Accountability and Oversight Committee 3/15/18: Reported out of Cmte w/ substitute 3/21/18: passed House 6/6/18: passed Senate 6/29/18: bill signed by Governor


PA SB 248

Bans the for-profit display of any animal that traveled in a mobile housing facility in the 15 days preceding the display.

1/27/17: Referred to Judiciary Committee. 6/6/17: hearing held in Judiciary; no vote taken. 1/2/18: carried over from 2017 session.


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