Help OPPOSE These Tennessee Bills That Are Anti-Circus, Anti-Property

Tennessee already has very restrictive laws for wildlife. Click here to view. Personal possession of Class I species is not allowed and only permitted exhibitors or commercial propagators are allowed to possess these animals. Now the Tennessee General Assembly is considering further restricting how people can dispose of their Class I animals with an eye on eliminating circus animals and preventing the sale of performing animals.

Class I animals in Tennessee include primates (gorillas, chimpanzees, gibbons, etc.), wolves, bears, lions, tigers, and other big cats, elephants, rhinoceros, hippopotamus, African buffalo, crocodiles and alligators (all species), snakes (all poisonous species), and amphibians (all poisonous species).

Under House Bill 2503, the only way Class I animals could be disposed of in Tennessee would be:

  • Releasing animals back into the wild (with a permit);
  • Returning the animals to the seller, if they have a Class I permit;
  • Or, donating the animals to a zoo with a Class I permit.

This bill is aimed at permitted exhibitors such as circuses and performers who own their animals. It would prevent them from selling their animals to other performing acts. Since circuses and performers would not be allowed to sell their performing animals, they would be forced to donate them to zoos or find some other way to dispose of them.

Since when does Tennessee stop the legal sale of private property? Animal rights groups are waging war on circuses and performers across the United States as part of their agenda to end all animal use. Don't let animal rights groups determine what animal owners can do with their animals. If they start with tigers and elephants they can move on to horses and dogs.

Contact these committees TODAY and tell them to VOTE NO on these animal rights bills:

House Bill 2503: House Agriculture and Natural Resources Subcommittee Click Here

Senate Bill 2318: Senate Energy, Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee Click Here


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