CA Los Angeles

Would prohibit exhibition of wild and exotic animals for entertainment or amusement, including circuses and other wild or exotic animal shows (exempts zoos, films, research facilities and conservation-related programs).

4/25/17: City Council voted to have the City Attorney prepare an ordinance.

NY New York City

Ordinance 0057-2018 would push back the effective date of the prohibition of circus performances with wild or exotic animals passed in 2017. Current effective date is October 1, 2018; this ordinance will extend it to December 31, 2020.

NY Westchester County

Possible ban on wild animals in circuses being discussed by County officials

7/17/18: two county legislators called for the introduction of a ban on wild animals in circuses, but an ordinance has not been introduced yet.

OR Benton County

Benton County Commissioners are considering a proposal to ban wild and exotic animals in traveling circuses. An ordinance has not been drafted as of 7/20/18.

6/26/18: County Commissioners heard arguments in support of a ban, and said they will consider the issue. If an ordinance is drafted, a public hearing will be held.

OR Jackson County

Possible ban on exotic animals in performances being proposed by the Jackson County Animal Control Advisory Committee. No ordinance has been proposed yet.

5/23/18: see news item from channel KOBI in Jackson county regarding initial efforts to get an ordinance introduced

TN Nashville

Ordinance BL 2018-1159, to ban the retail sale of pets unless the animals are obtained from an animal shelter or rescue group.

5/15/18: passed third reading and approved


MD – Montgomery County

Would ban the use of animals in circuses or other businesses that “exhibit or financially benefit” from the exhibition of those animals. Includes the use of camels, bears, primates, wildcats, crocodiles, and snakes.

7/18/17: first public hearing. Text of bill 9/11/17: the measure will be discussed at a work session for the Public Safety Committee. Contact information for County Council. Agenda packet for meeting available online: Public Safety, Bill 23-17

9/15: meeting minutes not published yet, and the bill status does not list any updates. Will continue to monitor.

12/11/17: PASSED

NM - Santa Fe

Ban on exotic animal performances passed in Santa Fe

On September 13, 2017, the Santa Fe City Council voted 8-1 to pass an ordinance that prohibits the use of elephants, tigers and bears that perform for entertainment purposes. While the ordinance contains an exemption for rodeos, some citizens who spoke at Wednesday’s City Council meeting called for rodeos and fairs to be included in the language that bans “exhibitions of wild or exotic animals performing tricks, giving rides, or participating as accompaniments for the entertainment, amusement, or benefit of a live audience.” Albuquerque Journal (9/13/17) 

OR - Multnomah County. Bans the use of wild or exotic animals in traveling animal displays and/or acts. Text of ordinance Passed by County Commissioners on 7/12/18; effective date 30 days from passage.

OR - Washington County. Ordinance No. 830, to ban the display of exotic animals. Contains exemptions for exotic animals in a traveling circus, carnival, or other exhibit. Public contact with animals is prohibited (including photos with exotic animals). Text of ordinance. Board of County Commissioners passed ordinance on 6/18/18; effective date 90 days from passage.

VA - Arlington

Ban on Exotic Pets in Arlington, Virginia:

On September 19, 2017, the Arlington County Board passed an ordinance to ban exotic pets; however, those who currently own animals on the list of prohibited species will be grandfathered in. All exotic pets must registered with the Alrington Animal Welfare League. Read more


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